Purged In Flame

by Vicious Embrace

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released May 26, 2017

All music and lyrics written by Vicious Embrace
Additional vocals and lyrics on Existence is Misery provided by Danny Prock of Heavens Die

Recorded and mixed by Dylan Tasch at Midley Grange Recordings in Chalfont, PA
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, OR

Cover artwork by Dominic Pabon (www.behance.net/dominicpabon)



all rights reserved


Vicious Embrace Wilmington, Delaware

Delaware XXX

CONTACT: viciousembracehc@gmail.com


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Track Name: God Fell Silent
I've come for your heavenly father
Knife in hand, he's pinned to the altar

Heaven burns
Angels purged

Guardian spirit robbed of its wings
To reveal a serpent disguised as a king
Loyal subjects to the crown
In blood and fire, destined to drown

Beneath me lies the body of your savior
I've washed my hands in the blood of angels
Track Name: Curse of Flesh
Bathed in sin
Baptized in the blood of the innocent
Suffering the curse of flesh
Weave a web of pain and death

Sacrifice or suffer
Drive the blade into the heart of the wicked
Bask in his presence
Our father, lord below
Terror of old

Born in the furnace
Destined to die in flame
Chaos is born
In his name

Salt the earth
Wash away our sins
In a torrent of blood
Bring forth the flood
Track Name: Die by the Sword
No remorse for cowards
No mercy for the weak of spirit
Crushed by the mighty
And the rising fury

Blood oath

Live by the sword
Die by the sword

Bound by the promise to be forever pure
The powerful will prevail
Live and die by the sword
Track Name: The Heavens Tremble
I've seen his throne and there's no one there
An empty kingdom and empty prayers
Scorched earth on hallowed ground
Emptiness, the only sound

Your shepherd abandoned you, no lord above
You cling like flies to the corpse of a dead God

The word of the Lord means nothing to me
Try and shove it down my throat, I'll feed you your teeth
I'll show you even the immortal can bleed
Hide behind your faith


Genocide for your new world order
Two thousand years of systematic murder
Buying into the worlds greatest lie
Follow blindly, willing to die

Close minded piece of shit
You dug your grave now lie in it
I'll make you swallow every word
As your golden kingdom burns
Track Name: Existence is Misery
Surrounded by people that tell me I'm loved
But it's drowned out by my screams, my past written in blood
I've always been worthless in their eyes
I'm sick of it all, I'm ready to die

A failed suicide and wounds that won't heal
I don't want to live, I don't want to feel

Misery loves company
Every night she throws another ornate party
Every day I walk alone amongst the debris
And I pray an estranged god may hear my plea for peace

My whole life is a fucking mistake
I hate myself and the choices I've made
I'll never be proud of who I am
I just want this sadness to end
Track Name: Purged in Flame
Buried under the ash of the darkened sun
Unholy inferno destroys creation
The work of god's love undone

Endless war
Darkness reigns
Ride on the wings of the eternal blaze

The day of reckoning is at hand
Set the torch to the holy land

Blackest nights
Dusk without a dawn
Swallowed by the void
The light is gone

Blood flows
From the mouth of the river
Mountains of corpses
Death delivered

March to the rhythmn of the sound of your demise
This is the day that all light dies

Purged in flame
Bound in chains