The Heavens Tremble

by Vicious Embrace

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courtney sams Political beatdown at its best: This is the EP your local straight-edge vegan anarchist will be raving about for years
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All music written and recorded by Vicious Embrace

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered with Tyler Norris

Art by Brandon Watkins


released June 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Vicious Embrace Wilmington, Delaware

Delaware XXX



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Track Name: Holy War
Make the American people believe that we're fighting for freedom
When we're really in the desert for a completely different reason
Securing financial assets at the cost of young men's lives
Send them off for your oil, send them off to die
Blood and iron
King and country
Die with honor
God is with me
Warmonger, arms-dealer, hide behind your fake smile
The weapons you've given them in the hands of a child
Preparing to profit from the war that you started
Both sides ready to die for the causes you've supported
You knew all along what you were doing
A culture exploited, and a nation in ruin
Ignite the fuse with 2000 lives
Born from ash with box cutters and zip ties
Track Name: Soul Sacrifice
Manipulated populace leashed by the media
Stay safe in suburbia, brainwashed idiot
Pollution spreads, the air we breathe is cancer
Submit and serve your lords and masters
Warlords in the White House, money traded for blood
Pharmaceutical companies pumping you full of drugs
Land of the free
Slaves on their knees
Force-fed freedom, iron grip monarchy
Sacrifice your humanity for national security
Track Name: The Heavens Tremble
I've seen his throne and there's no one there
An empty kingdom and empty prayers
Scorched earth on hallowed ground
Emptiness, the only sound
Your shepherd abandoned you, no lord above
You cling like flies to the corpse of a dead God
The word of the Lord means nothing to me
Try and shove it down my throat, I'll feed you your teeth
I'll show you even the immortal can bleed
Hide behind your faith
Genocide for your new world order
Two thousand years of systematic murder
Buying into the worlds greatest lie
Follow blindly, willing to die
Close minded piece of shit
You dug your grave now lie in it
I'll make you swallow every word
As your golden kingdom burns